Common Dental Mistakes Parents Make With Their Children’s Teeth

Here’s a song about your dental practices. Because of good dental hygiene, you may grin with your pearly whites on display. However, maintaining excellent cleanliness is a habit that begins at a very early age. Children, unlike adults, are more prone to cavities and hence need more attention. Common dental blunders are sometimes made with children’s teeth.

In this post, we will go over some of the errors that parents make when it comes to their children’s teeth.

Cavities affect over 60-90% of school-aged children in India.
It is a common misconception that infant teeth or milk teeth are unimportant.
Every Indian city has three out of every five youngsters who have oral hygiene issues.
Around 30% of children have misaligned teeth and jaws.

Common Dental Errors
Because parents are human, it is understandable that they make errors. However, these errors should be avoided because they can be extremely costly.

Mistake number one: Taking your kid to the dentist too late.

“The main problem is that we assume we have time,” says a famous quotation. This saying is ideal for parents who believe that visits to the dentist can be postponed. Delaying dental appointments is one of the most frequent mistakes parents make. Only a dentist can detect hidden issues. As a result, frequent checks with a pediatric dental specialist should begin at a young age.

Mistake 2: Allowing the youngster to clean his or her own teeth.

Children are vivacious tiny creatures. When kids ‘play-pretend,’ one can observe their eagerness to try practically everything. However, these make-believe games reveal that children, well, are children. They are unable to efficiently clean their teeth. Allowing children to brush on their own leaves various areas filthy.

Mistake number 3: Is putting babies to sleep with their bottles.

We can all agree that newborns are the prettiest things on the planet. Despite their cuteness, these small animals may be nuisances since they have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night. The parent’s sleep pays the price for such rapid rise and shine moments of the newborns.

Parents would put their kids to bed with bottles or sippy cups in their mouths to ensure undisturbed slumber. This prevents the baby from waking up grumpy. It does, however, cause tooth decay over time. Sugar levels in babies’ mouths rise, causing a variety of problems later on.

Mistake 4: Giving children teeth-sticky snacks.

Parents are wise and will not give their children chips or chocolate as snacks. They choose bananas, raisins, or whole-grain crackers as snacks. However, this ostensibly ‘healthy’ food choice may not be all that healthy. Sugar content is high in these foods. When a child eats them, the components adhere to the teeth or settle in the gaps between them.

Mistake 5: Failure to pay attention to baby teeth

Everything about a newborn requires undivided care. Everything, including their diet, hair, skin, nails, teeth, and everything else. Many parents, though, set away baby teeth. They may be overjoyed when new teeth appear. However, proper hygiene standards are seldom maintained. Parents who have access to a variety of dental care items believe that cavities are not a major concern. On the contrary, baby teeth can develop cavities and cause long-term problems.

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