July 13, 2024

Floor Structure. What flooring is made of.

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Different Components of the Floor – It’s Much More Than You Can Actually See

Thinking of floors, there are a number of layers below the actual floor than the ones that are visible to the eyes. When it is time for flooring removal at your home, make sure to ensure that every single layer is perfectly taken care of for installing it smoothly with your new floor.

Every part of the flooring matters.

Always make sure that each and every layer of the flooring is important and has significant uses for the stability and functioning of the floor. If there is any mistake done in flooring removal, it can throw off the entire structure of the floor and ruin the entire look of the home. This can lead to more expenses to renovate the entire floor.

Component of the floor


The very bottom of the layer that makes your floor is called a Joist. You can think of it as the bones of the flooring. They are used for framing the layer that will hold up the foundation of your home. It is crucial work to install the joist correctly because if not done well, it will result when you walk in the house producing great noise issues, shifting, and squeaking.


The subfloor is the layer that comes after the joist. It is the solid base that the floor stands on and helps in supporting all types of floor covering. The subfloor is usually made up of concrete. It is important that it has some room to breathe, as in the contracting and expanding over the years to ensure the proper functioning of your floor.


Above the subfloor is the underlayment. The underlayment is constructed for noise control, it can soften any kind of voice that can be audible if any is walking on the floor. It is not only used for cancelation of noise but underlayment can provide a smooth surface to have a sit on. It is most often made of foam and cork.

Underlayment is important for floating floors such as laminate or engineered wood. So that it floats on top they are not attached to the subfloor. Paddings are used in cases like the installation of carpet and can either make or break the carpeted area’s functionality. When you choose tile flooring you will need underlayment with moisture resistance or water can get its way under the tile easily.

Floor covering

The floor covering is the last layer of the floor which is the only one visible. It comes in a variety of styles and materials. They can be anything hardwood, stone, tile, vinyl, or lamination. Carpet as a more cozy floor coverings solution, to add warmth to any home. Liaising about modern carpet trends with your local carpet stores can add good value to your property. That is what normally people think while thinking of the floor.


Floor covering is often secure on the material of subfloor and underlayment. In case of tiles, thin sets are used to place them on the subfloor. Thin-set is removed after flooring removal is done for installing a new floor.

Old flooring removal services must be done expertly and thoroughly. The subfloor and joist will remain but the top layers will need to be removed to give the best chance to the new flooring. When it is time to replace the floor take away the stress with quick flooring removal. 

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