natural ways to whiten your teeth

A study shows that the people spend more than 1,000,000 dollars per year on teeth cavity treatment and whitening items. These products may whiten your teeth but can cause irreparable damage as they are made from chemicals. You could end up with a stained, discolored smile.

 What are the solutions? Do not think too hard, we’ve got your back! There are natural ways to whiten teeth without using harmful chemicals. Here are easy ways to whiten teeth naturally without using any harmful chemicals.

First of all, brush your teeth often:

Let’s get it out of the way quickly: brushing your tooth daily is the most important thing you can do to keep them shining brightly. Don’t wait to get started if your teeth haven’t been cleaned regularly. If you’ve been brushing your teeth every day and still have yellowed teeth, you should brush your teeth more often after eating or drinking.

You shouldn’t brush your teeth right away after you have consumed acidic drinks or foods, as this can cause erosion.

Tooth-whitening toothpaste is a great way to make your smile shine. These kinds of toothpaste are gentle abrasives and can be used to remove hard stains. You should consult your dentist if this toothpaste causes problems.

Oil pulling:

Oil pulling is a traditional Indian remedy for teeth whitening. This method can also be used to improve your overall dental health and hygiene.

To pull oil, you must first squish it around in your mouth. While any oil can be used to pull oil, most oil is sunflower and sesame. Coconut oil is another popular choice, as it has a delicious flavor and other health benefits.

Oil pulling is beneficial because it removes many types of bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for yellowing your teeth. Oil pulling is a useful tool in tooth whitening.

However, there’s no scientific evidence to support oil pulling as a method of tooth whitening. However, people who have tried it are very happy with their results. There’s no harm in trying it, is there?

Brush using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide past:

Baking soda has teeth-whitening properties. That’s why it is so common in toothpaste commercials. Baking soda is mildly abrasive and helps remove stains. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a natural bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide can also kill bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is used to kill bacteria on wounds for many, many centuries.

What would happen if you could combine the two substances to create toothpaste? Perfect for teeth whitening! Mix one tablespoon of baking powder with two tablespoons each of hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste by mixing the ingredients. Use this paste to brush your teeth daily. It isn’t magic. You won’t have super-shiny teeth in a single session. The difference will eventually be apparent if you continue to use the paste.

You can also make your mouthwash using the same baking soda/hydrogen peroxide ratio and some water.

Both of these substances are non-toxic. However, if there is any doubt that you have made a mistake, such as using the wrong ingredient, consult your dentist immediately.

Citric acid is found in these fruits’ peels. This acid theoretically can help whiten teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, you may have weak enamel or worn-off. It’s not recommended that you use this remedy in such cases. If you have already tried the remedy and are still having problems with your smile, you should visit your dentist right away.

Get a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It is known that chewing crunchy vegetables and fruits can cause plaque to build upon your teeth. While they don’t replace regular brushing of your teeth, they can help to remove plaque from your teeth. However, any remedy is good if it works. A bonus is that fruits and veggies are good for your overall well-being, so this is a win for everyone.

Strawberry and pineapple are the two fruits that can whiten teeth. Brome lain is an enzyme that can effectively remove stains from your teeth and is used for overall dental whitening.

Get to the dentist

If none of these remedies seem to work or your teeth have become more yellowish than normal, you might consider a professional to help. This would be a dentist. Veneers, Implants could be an option instead of poor color or unhealthy teeth. Veneers are thin wafers of porcelain that are permanently mounted to your teeth. Veneers cover your teeth and give you an artificial color or shape. Veneers do not “zoom whitening” but they can make your smile brighter by covering up an artificial layer. Dental implants might be an option if you aren’t able to restore your teeth’s health or color. Dental implants are metal posts designed to hold replacement teeth.

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