"I've worked with Karina for a number of years and I admire…"

Lisa White, Naturopath

"Karina has helped me with my upper abdomen pains…"

Simone, Client

"inspired me to try new things and gave me a new perspective on what I eat."

Megan, Client

"Karina is very approachable and knowledgable."

Courtney, Client

"gave advice and ideas that are relative and easy to implement"

Bonnie, Client

"My energy has increased with the tips and vitamins I have received at Sowelu."

Tamzin, Client

"extremely helpful and a push in the right direction"

Amber, Client

"I feel inspired to make some changes in the way I see food"

Emily, Client

"Can't wait for the next seminar!"

Emily, Client

"Hearing it from Karina, from such a caring perspective was wonderful."

Shanyn, Client

"By sticking to Karina’s supplement and diet program we were able to conceive naturally within six weeks of trying."

Hannah G, Client

"Sowelu helped me clear my acne the right way, I also increased my energy levels..."

Aaron, Client

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Let’s see if I can explain what is NLP in simple terms.

Put simply NLP is a collection of techniques, skills and strategies that are easy to learn and can lead to real excellence.

It’s a science based on techniques that show you how your mind thinks and how your behaviour can be positively modified and improved.

NLP is the study of excellence and how to replicate it.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is rapidly growing in popularity with Business Owners, Health Care Professionals, Managers, Leaders, Salespeople, Teachers, Coaches and Mentors due to the proven techniques that create positive change in all areas of life including health, relationships, education, career and business.

Neuro – The nervous system (the mind), through which our experience is processed via 5 senses being: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory

Linguistic – Language and other nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning. Including: Pictures, Sounds, Feelings, Tastes, Smells and Self Talk

Programming – The ability to discover and utilize the programs we run (our communication to ourselves and others) in our neurological systems to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

In other words, NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP is especially useful in uncovering the deeper structure of what is preventing people to achieve real success in any area of life and make changes at an unconscious level that unlock their greatest potential.

Learning NLP can empower you to:

  • Control the connection between your mind, emotions and behavior
  • Learn how to control conversations in a positive way and resolve conflict
  • Define what you really want in life
  • Become an expert in motivation
  • Increase your ability to communicate and build instant rapport with anyone
  • Have more control over your life
  • Learn how to coach yourself and others
  • Learn how to get better results in your career / business

NLP is used in:

Personal Development – Overcome phobias and help change your behaviour and enable you to cope with any negative or stressful situations that involve feelings such as anger, guilt or depression in a more positive manner. Gain control of your life, motivate yourself, release past emotions and create a strong fulfilling future.

Business / Career – Increase your confidence when speaking to team members, clients and groups. Feel in control in any situation and increase sales by gaining a better understanding of your clients’ needs and understanding how to uncover their requirements and match your products and services as a solution to their needs.

Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring – Being accredited in NLP gives you powerful skills and a real point of difference over other coaches with the tools to truly influence your clients and assist them to make powerful lasting change in a short amount of time.

Education – Understand how to engage students, have them pay attention in class with minimal disruptions and deliver your message in a way that gets through. Teach students’ skills that improve their memory recall and help them achieve higher scores and grades.

The potential for making real change in not just your own life but in the lives of your clients, staff and all the people you care about is infinite.

NLP techniques are skills that you can easily learn and utilize immediately putting you in charge of your outcomes.

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