"I've worked with Karina for a number of years and I admire…"

Lisa White, Naturopath

"Karina has helped me with my upper abdomen pains…"

Simone, Client

"inspired me to try new things and gave me a new perspective on what I eat."

Megan, Client

"Karina is very approachable and knowledgable."

Courtney, Client

"gave advice and ideas that are relative and easy to implement"

Bonnie, Client

"My energy has increased with the tips and vitamins I have received at Sowelu."

Tamzin, Client

"extremely helpful and a push in the right direction"

Amber, Client

"I feel inspired to make some changes in the way I see food"

Emily, Client

"Can't wait for the next seminar!"

Emily, Client

"Hearing it from Karina, from such a caring perspective was wonderful."

Shanyn, Client

"By sticking to Karina’s supplement and diet program we were able to conceive naturally within six weeks of trying."

Hannah G, Client

"Sowelu helped me clear my acne the right way, I also increased my energy levels..."

Aaron, Client

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The Sowelu Sisterhood is about introducing you to some inspiring ladies in the health, fitness and wellness industry.
This week we are thrilled to introduce you to Elle Polkinghorne. 
Elle is an amazing Massage Therapist and is the newest part of team Sowelu Wellness!

Ambitious and self-driven, Elle completed her Certificate IV in massage therapy in 2016.
Since then, she has been working alongside Doctors, Physios and Trainers, assisting both the Men's and Women's, North Adelaide SANFL players.
Elle's interests include marathon running, nutrition, fitness and of course, massage therapy.

We want you to get to know Elle, because we know you'll be just as impressed by her as we are! 

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What started your health and wellness journey / passion?

My health and wellness journey began when I was first diagnosed with an Auto-Immune
disease called Psoriasis. I had to look at all areas of my life for what could be causing this
condition. This took me down the path of reading and listening to podcasts about nutrition
and fitness. In the end it is about balance, which I still struggle with.

What one health, diet or fitness rule do you live by?

I live my life by just eat real food and to move every day could be a little or a lot at least it’s

What tips do you have for staying healthy on a budget?

Being prepared, food prep at the start of your week and don’t use to many ingredients keep
it simple.

What are your go to meals / snacks when you’re super busy?

Dip with Veggie sticks is my go to snack. I make up a big batch of chickpea free hummus, I
replace chickpeas with Cauliflower add tahini and some spices and one other vegetable I
rotate between Pumpkin, beetroot and sweet potato. This makes for a quick and easy snack
when you are on the go.

How do you contribute to the health and wellness of those around you?

I love to make food for friends and family, I live next to a pub and have never ate or drank
there, why would I when I can cook a yummy and nourishing meal for them at home.

Have you read any inspiring books on health and wellness lately?

The last book I read was Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight and I have just started
reading the keto diet by Scott Gooding.

What would a day in your diet diary look like?

Breakfast: Protein Smoothie or Boiled eggs and Grapefruit or a breakfast salad (depends how big the 6am workout was)
Snacks: Nuts and seeds or Dip and Veggie sticks
Lunch: leafy salad with good fats and protein or if I feel like treating myself some Sashimi with the pearl mushroom salad (If I have time sometimes snacks becomes lunch)
Dinner: a mix of sautéed and fresh vegetables with usually some seafood or Tempe

Who are your wellness hero’s?

My favourite cook books Authors are Jessica Sapel and Luke Hines, I guess you could call these my hero's. 

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