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Remedial Massage Adelaide

Rounded Shoulders? Here's why it is important to correct your posture now... 

Rounded Shoulders, caused by poor posture are very common these days and perhaps that's because many of us spend a lot of time with our hands and arms in front of us. 

Think about it, if you're an office worker, a tradie, a chef, a teacher, a student or a nurse, you likely have your arms out in front of you all day long. Or perhaps you're a professional procrastinator and you spend a lot of time head down, phone in hand scanning through social media. 

Regardless of your profession, if you aren't consciously practising good posture techniques, there's a very good chance your shoulders are rolling forward, causing rounded shoulders. 

Sitting in this position for long periods of time causes the muscles in the front of the chest, the pectoralis major, to shorten. Left alone, this can cause headaches and pain through the back of the neck and shoulders. Eventually, this can also effect the curvature of the spine and lead to lower back pain and long term damage.

Fear not though, we can fix this by simply lengthening those muscles and correcting your posture.

There are 3 main ways to do this and we recommend doing all three for fast, effective results.

  1. First and foremost, become aware of your posture. Sit up straight and push your shoulders back and down. To do this, you may need to adjust your work station, bringing your computer forward so you aren't reaching out to your keyboard and making sure your screen is at eye level. 
  2. This is everyone's favourite part, regular, remedial massages. Regular massage, not only to the back of your neck and the top of your shoulders, where you may feel pain and tension, but also the front of your chest will help to release and lengthen those muscles.  
  3. Daily Pec stretches. This will again help to lengthen your pectoralis muscles and allow you to open up through the chest and hold better posture. 
    Pec stretches can be done using a door frame, holding onto the wall with one arm and rotating away from the wall, gently until you feel a light pull in the muscles. Hold your stretch for 30 seconds on both arms and repeat at least twice per day. The more often you do these stretches, the better your results will be. 

Continue with all three of these and you'll be saying goodbye hunch back and hello perfect posture in no time! 

If you have questions about posture, stretches or remedial massages, you can email Sophie, our fabulous Remedial Massage Therapist at  

If you are ready to book a massage appointment and release those tight muscles, you can book in online here. Don't forget to talk to Sophie about stretches and things you can be doing at home, between appointments to speed up your results. 

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