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Hip Flexor Strain 

In clinic more recently, I have been treating a lot of clients suffering from pain in their lower back, referring from a pulling of the hip flexor.

The hip flexor is often a forgotten muscle which is primarily responsible for hip flexion, ie; walking, squatting, sitting, standing, basically all daily actions. So why isn’t it paid enough attention when it comes to stretching and releasing muscles? 

hip flexor.jpg
Your hip flexor connects into your lumbar spine, the front of your hip and down to your femur (your leg bone). So when it’s tight, you will often feel it pulling on your lower back, creating pain and discomfort.

Often clients complain of pulling through the lower back, pulling through the front of the hip and down the leg. It can feel painful or sensitive to walk, particularly up stairs and while some will feel this on one side, others may feel this on both.
However, releasing your lower back without addressing your forgotten hip flexors is not enough to make that pain go away.


Those who commonly suffer with tight hip flexors include:

  • People who sit for long periods of time - Office workers, Drivers (truckies, bus drivers and taxi drivers)

  • People who regularly wear high heels

  • People who watch a lot of TV - Both those who are a little too into Family Feud and those who binge watch on Netflix.

  • Fitness Fanatics and Gym Junkies - think deadlifts and squats to tighten those hip flexors.

It affects the bulk of us, however, the bulk of us have never had our hip flexors released. *MIND BLOWN*
The best and most effective way to release your hip flexors is by having a qualified therapist physically release them with trigger points and deep tissue. It is also important to do at home stretching for ongoing maintenance.

It is really important to address the root cause of the pain, for effective, long term relief and that is where we can help you.
Book an appointment for a Remedial Massage now, have your hip flexors and surrounding muscles released and relaxed and dance your way out of the clinic feeling fabulous.


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