"I've worked with Karina for a number of years and I admire…"

Lisa White, Naturopath

"Karina has helped me with my upper abdomen pains…"

Simone, Client

"inspired me to try new things and gave me a new perspective on what I eat."

Megan, Client

"Karina is very approachable and knowledgable."

Courtney, Client

"gave advice and ideas that are relative and easy to implement"

Bonnie, Client

"My energy has increased with the tips and vitamins I have received at Sowelu."

Tamzin, Client

"extremely helpful and a push in the right direction"

Amber, Client

"I feel inspired to make some changes in the way I see food"

Emily, Client

"Can't wait for the next seminar!"

Emily, Client

"Hearing it from Karina, from such a caring perspective was wonderful."

Shanyn, Client

"By sticking to Karina’s supplement and diet program we were able to conceive naturally within six weeks of trying."

Hannah G, Client

"Sowelu helped me clear my acne the right way, I also increased my energy levels..."

Aaron, Client

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Sleep Disorders

Waking up feeling like you haven’t slept a wink? Going to bed at 9pm and still counting sheep at 2am? Tossing and turning all night long? Keeping your partner awake with your snoring? The symptoms of sleep disorders are very unpleasant and exhausting. At Sowelu we can help. Karina uses natural remedies to get you not only asleep but stay asleep and have you waking feeling refreshed and rested. We will take a look at your current night time regime, diet factors like caffeine and stimulants and lifestyle factors such as stress and anxiety. If you are waking during the night we look at what times you are waking as Chinese medicine believes that certain times of the night are linked to certain organs of the body. If snoring or sleep apnoea is your issue we can look at ways to decrease inflammation and mucous in the airways, allowing you to breathe easy while you, and the rest of the house, sleep well.